On Sat. Aug. 14, 2021, a 7.0 earthquake hit the south of Haiti.

Our past trained participants stand ready to assist their community.

Please know that there is support. If you know anyone living in Haiti in need of psychological aid please share the mental health hotline, "2919-9000."

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Many people are in serious mental health turmoil as the Taliban takes over the country.

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The Lives We Impact

“When I came to GTR, I had just put a restraining order on my boyfriend for hitting me in front of my kids. I moved from shelter to shelter for 3 months. I didn't see how counseling could help me because I had too much going on.

Today, it's still hard but I look forward to meeting with my therapist because I know I'm going to leave feeling like I can get through the week."




“This trip was personal to me because I am of Haitian descent. It helped me to see my family and myself differently... 

Seeing perceptions change about mental health in a brief 5 day training gave me hope for the future of my parent's homeland."


Florie St. Aime,

Haiti Trauma Project Volunteer



Please join us in the campaign to challenge the stigma of mental health. Hashtag #CultureInCounseling and share your story, as to why you think someone's culture should be embedded in counseling. 


Our mission is to provide accessible and culturally responsive trauma, mental health, and education services to underserved populations.

Services are available in

Haitian-Creole, French, and Spanish