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“When I came to the Trauma Center, I had just put a restraining order on my boyfriend for hitting me in front of my kids. I moved from shelter to shelter for 3 months. I didn't see how counseling could help me because I had too much going on.

Today, it's still hard but I look forward to meeting with my therapist because I know I'm going to leave the office feeling like I can get through the week."



BeWell Center Client

“This trip was personal to me because I am of Haitian descent. It helped me to see my family and myself differently... 

Seeing perceptions change about mental health in a brief 5 day training gave me hope for the future of my parent's homeland."


Florie St. Aime,

Haiti Trauma Project Volunteer

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Please join us in the campaign to challenge the stigma of mental health. Hashtag #CultureInCounseling and share your story, as to why you think someone's culture should be embedded in counseling. 

Anyone can get through a traumatic experience with the right support. See what GTR is doing to serve people affected by psychological trauma: 


Where there’s a crisis, there's a need for support. Our objective is to increase access to culturally responsive trauma counseling services to underserved populations.