VACANT - Community Outreach Liaison 
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Support Staff  

Zakiyyah Abdul-Mateen, LMSW - Clinical Coordinator

Zakiyyah Abdul-Mateen received her Masters in Social Work at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA and her undergraduate degree from California State University, Fresno. She also received her Global Social Work (GSW) certificate while at Tulane, which allowed her the opportunity to engage in Play Therapy Practices, and establish a home visitation program for an orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti. Zakiyyah has been heavily engaged in the Haitian community. She serves as GTR’s Clinical Coordinator and Play Therapist in Haiti,  

Zakiyyah’s passion is to serve underrepresented communities and provide clinical mental health support to those of all ages. In years to come, Zakiyyah will start an organization doing local-to-global work in Haiti and various cities around the U.S., focusing on Play Therapy. Quote she lives by: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coehlo

For fun: Zakiyyah reads, travels, spends time with family and friends and reads some more, as well watches childhood movies, cook, and smile.

Karen Roller, PhD                  Jasmine Belotte, MS 

Florie St.-Aime, LMSW         Brandon Peng

Sylvester Hanner, MS           Brunal Davance

Prescilla John, LMSW           Moise Baptise, PhD

Alfonso Fergerson, MS         Germaine Boulin, LMSW

Elizabeth Louis, MS               Wanda Bolden, LMHC

Kevon Bruce, MHC


Other Staff, Volunteers, & Interns

Jean Alerte, Member 

Jean Alerte is an award-winning entrepreneur with a variety of work experience in the areas of marketing, management, and sales. Along with founding his company ACA Branding Agency, he has produced comedy concerts and tours for acts such as Chris Tucker, Kevin James, Charlie Murphy and Kevin Hart. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Unity in the Community Foundation of Brooklyn, NY where he has given out $35,000 to high school students to attend college based on his first book "Do Right, Do Good” & turned it into a successful entrepreneurial program entitled “FAITH GRIND INSPIRE." 

Alerte currently resides in Brooklyn with his wife and 17 month old son, with whom he opened the Brooklyn Swirl frozen yogurt shop in 2012. Alerte has been featured on National Television several times ABC 7's "Here & Now" with Sandra Bookman, BK Live & more recently NBC's TODAY Show, Black Enterprise, FOX, ARISE & ESSENCE.

Dulande Louis, LMSW, PhD Student - Clinical Supervisor

Dulande is a highly motivated Supervisor and Licensed Social Worker who promotes equality and social justice for the underprivileged children and youth. Similarly to many Social Workers, Dulande is motivated to the health and mental wellbeing of her clients. However, her distinct keenness and singular professionalism are what set her apart from her counterparts. Dulande is highly respected by her colleagues, her superiors and her supervisees in her working milieu. Dulande’s research interests are Child Welfare, Immigration as well as HIV/AIDS. Dulande is a well-rounded and God-fearing individual who lives with passion, dedication and grace. 

Currently a PhD student at Adelphi University, Dulande hopes to enhance her skills in non-profit leadership, and take the GTR trauma center to the next level, and help her supervisees improve their therapeutic alliance. 

For Fun: Dulande loves to read, cook, and spend time with her intelligent and creative teen daughter

Florence Saint-Jean, PhD, NCC, ACS - Executive Director

Florence a.k.a Dr. Flo, started Global Trauma Research because she believes her purpose is to be used by God and through leadership, help people attain their goals by means of prayer, education, counseling, and support. Florence trust that anyone can get through a traumatic event with the right support. Florence obtained a post-doc certificate at Harvard Medical School in Global Mental Health: Trauma & Recovery. Florence also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and English, Masters of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling, and Doctor of Philosophy in Executive Counselor Education and Supervision. Florence is a National Certified Counselor and Approved Clinical Supervisor. Florence has over a decade worth of experience in social services, counseling, and trauma. During her time in community organizations, Florence has done extensive work with Caribbean populations. 

Florence's primary research interest is trauma, broadly defined. More specifically, she is interested in treatment efficacy for post-traumatic stress in underrepresented groups, as well as incorporating alternative techniques such as play, music, art, and massage therapy in counseling. Florence's clinical interests are in areas of illness and domestic/ child abuse.

For Fun: Florence loves to travel, dance, go to church, and relax at home. 

Executive Staff  

Beatrice Lors-Rousseau, LMSW, MPH - Secretary

Beatrice known to her friends and family as Bea, holds a MPH/MSW joint degree, with employment experiences in social work and public health. Beatrice is committed to social justice and community organizing, and dedicated to supporting disadvantaged, minority and immigrant groups. Bea also works in philanthropy, program development and implementation, public policy and advocacy, fundraising/development, and the administration of organizations that address HIV/AIDS, global health, adolescents, sexual & reproductive health, and maternal and child health.  

For Fun: Beatrice enjoys watching Scandal, creating crafts, and spending time with her husband and family 

Phil Pierre, Member

Phil is a an experienced project manager, passionate educator, and a relentless advocate for social justice. Phil has served on the board of the New York Urban League for Young Professionals where he was the Civics and Economics Co-Chair. In that role, Phil led efforts to create economic empowerment and civic awareness to communities in New York City. Phil is the founder of Next Generation Ed where he speaks around the country in an effort to eliminate the effects of the pupil to prison pipeline in schools across the country. Phil is a passionate social justice thought leader and he's looking forward to bringing his expertise to the board of directors at GTR.. 

For fun: Phil enjoys long bike rides along waterfronts to take in the view, listening to interesting podcasts, playing basketball and reading short stories. 

Board of Directors

Rodney Pepe-Souvenir, Esq. - Chair

Highly accomplished attorney with 20 years’ experience, which includes 10 years specializing in employment and labor law. Rodney currently works at the City University of NY. Rodney litigates employee discipline and ensures compliance of employee rules and regulations. She has superior interpersonal skills using sensitivity and discretion, and has trained employees and supervisors in city, state and federal EEO regulations. Rodney ensures compliance with anti-discrimination and sexual harassment policy, and is fully versed on the impact of disparate treatment and NYC Personnel Rules and Regulations. Rodney is also Fluent in Haitian Creole and French.

For Fun: Rodney loves to go to church, attend community events, & listen to gospel music.