Natural disasters can strike anywhere and at any time. On Tuesday, October 4, 2016 Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti at 7:00am. For a country that is still recovering from the 2010 earthquake that killed hundreds and thousands, the impact was catastrophic, especially for the south. 

Through our capacity building initiative, GTR has trained hundreds of doctors, nurses, educators, and religious leaders in Haiti in the past few years via our Haiti Trauma Project, for such a time as this. You can visit our financial report HERE to see how funds were allocated. 

GTR’s preliminary Hurricane response plan, which was created at 3:00am 10/04/16, was to work with past trainees, and empower them to go into their community and provide mental health first aide to their constituents. Unfortunately, when GTR hit the ground in Haiti, a thorough needs assessment concluded on October 11, 2016 determined that intervention was needed most in areas where GTR had not trained. GTR therefore revamped its mental health response plan, and collaborated with The Haitian American Coalition. The Coalition brought together many Haitian American organizations including lead organizers: Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA) ( and Man DoDo Foundation ( ). Together we worked in Aquin, Camp Perin, and Cavaillon for 3 months.  The revised plan/ report can be found to your right.


Stage 1 (October 2016): we were the very FIRST responders! Many wounds and injuries had not been treated for several days when we arrived. Together, over 40 volunteers (doctors, nurses, mental health professional, ministers, etc) served over 2,500 people with resources, and over 600 people received medical first aide in Aquin, Camp Perrin, and Cavaillon. Global Trauma Research was the only mental health first responder on the coalition team. 

Stage 2 (November 2016): the coalition returned and provided first aide to over 3,000 people in Les Cayes and Jeremie. 

Stage 3 (December 2016): For part 1 of our trip, we returned to the South of Haiti to do stage 3 of mental health relief work for over 2,000 people- in collaboration with HANA and ManDodo Humanitarian Foundation. The last day culminated with a holiday party for over 3,000 children. Locations: Camp Haitian and Les Cayes. 

For part 2, we returned to Croix-Des-Bouquets, Haiti and conducted our annual 5 day training for over 60 lay workers, and holiday party for over 450 children.

Antedotes and detailed results can be found in our report.

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