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Haiti Trauma Project 

December 11-23, 2018

Providing a culturally competent trauma assessment and intervention training for
professionals in Haiti. Working with Haitian medical providers, teachers, and religious
leaders to challenge stigmas associated with mental health, and build a comprehensive system of psychosocial support in Haiti. 

The project coordinates with university faculty and students, community leaders, and
agencies in the U.S., in a collaborative international trauma research and clinical training program; providing mental health training focusing on the pathways to care, barriers to treatment, and engagement strategies that influence service usage. 

For the first time this year (2018), the training will have two parts. Part 1 includes a train the trainer instruction; followed by Part 2, a mental health training and town hall meetings co-led by graduates of the train the trainer instruction program. 

The project also involves community activities such as a sexual abuse workshop for teens, and a holiday party for over 500 children. 

The 2018 application is closed.