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Refer a Haitian native in need of psychological support

Haiti Trauma Project 

August 9-15, 2021


As you may have heard, on Wed. July 7, 2021, the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in his home, and his wife was left in critical condition. We, at Global Trauma Research (GTR), have been working in Haiti for over 9 years and we have seen many ups and downs, however, this news has left us shocked and heartbroken.

We are passionate about continuing our sustainable work in Haiti however we have to also keep our team and trainees safe. It is with sadness that we report that TSI-2021 is canceled until further notice. 

Please note, however, that our past trained participants stand ready to assist their community.

There is support in Haiti! If you know anyone living in Haiti in need of psychological aid please share the mental health hotline, "2919-9000."


In collaboration with the Haitian American Caucus - Haiti, we planned to host the "Teacher's Summer Institute (TSI)."

Due to financial constraints in Haiti, oftentimes teachers are not well equipped with the tools and resources they need to support the children they teach. By providing a culturally responsive annual conference called TSI, we hope to engage teachers in classroom strategies they can use for a lifetime. 

The project coordinates with university faculty and educators in the U.S., in a collaborative international conference. 

We are inviting educators to submit 45-minute presentations on topics such as: 

· Literacy Strategies
· Civic Engagement/Ethics
· Best Educational/Technological Practices in the 21st Century 
· Culturally Responsive Approaches to Distant Learning
· Leadership Strategies (evaluations, observations, etc.)
· Wellness (stress and burnout management)
· Mental Health Tools for the Classroom (i.e., play and art therapy techniques)
· Managing Political Unrest and Classroom Disruptions

DEADLINE PASSED: Friday, June 18, 2021

Please note we are following all CDC guidelines and taking serious precautions in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

December 10-20, 2021 

Providing a culturally competent trauma assessment and intervention training for
professionals in Haiti. Working with Haitian medical providers, teachers, and religious
leaders to challenge stigmas associated with mental health, and build a comprehensive system of psycho-social support in Haiti. 

The project coordinates with university faculty and students, community leaders, and
agencies in the U.S., in a collaborative international trauma research and clinical training program; providing mental health training focusing on the pathways to care, barriers to treatment, and engagement strategies that influence service usage. 

As a continuation, the training will have two parts: Part 1 includes a train the trainer instruction; followed by Part 2, a mental health training and town hall meetings co-led by graduates of the train the trainer instruction program. 

The project also involves community activities such as a sexual abuse workshop for teens, and a holiday party for over 500 children.

Application coming soon...