Note: Courses are offered remotely at your facility ONLY. Call us at 800-461-9350 ext. 126 to consult about a course.

Continuing Education (CE) credits are offered for select professional institutions. If you are in need of CE credits, please email to confirm availability before registering. 

  • Trauma Informed Organizational and Program Development

This three- to five-day course comes with a free consultation with your executive staff. An assessment will also be provided to staff to determine where the facility is in trauma-informed care. A thorough customize plan for trauma-informed care will be provided for the facility, including strategies for changing and creating a friendly environment, as well as providing special training needs, etc. The facility and facilitator will determine if a three-day or five-day training is needed. 

This training is appropriate and designed for anyone who works with clients, including Receptionist, Case Managers,       Services staff, Therapists, Directors, and Executives. At the end of the third day, participants will be able to



Participants of this course will receive most of the content covered in the following trainings:

  1. Guiding Principles of Trauma Informed Care
  2. Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress
  3. Turning Your Facility Around: Trauma Informed Care


  • Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) Training

This two-three day course is designed to improve access to mental health care in a given community by educating and training community members from diverse backgrounds.

      The intent is not to create a new mental health profession, but rather to provide individuals with the tools and skills          

       necessary to:

  1. Identify mental health needs.
  2. Support those in need of mental health care.
  3. Work with existing care resources.
  4. Make referrals to mental health professionals as needed.

This course is especially influential for religious leaders, lay worker and family matriarchs and patriarchs’ and community members.