Support Groups

We offer a range of support groups including but not limited to:

- Affects of Police Shootings

- Women suffering from depression

- Adolescents 

- Adults living with HIV/AIDS

Individual Counseling 

& Assessment Services

Bring the Counseling to You


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Group Counseling

We will help you determine if you or someone you know are eligible for services, but some common reasons for referral include:

- Diagnosis of an illness 

- Death of a loved one

- Accident

- Sexual, Physical, & Verbal Abuse

- Past War/ Political Violence

- Past Natural Disaster Experience 

Haiti Earthquake
The center is ready and equipped to provide special and on going counseling to people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. 

A collaboration with Haitian American Community Coalition (HCC) was formed to create Brooklyn Empowerment Wellness (BeWell) Center, formally GTR's Trauma Center at HCC- providing counseling and psychiatric services, for people suffering from psychological trauma. 


The objective of the center is to provide culturally competent trauma informed services (counseling, support and education) to underserved minority populations in New York City. Services are available in English, Haitian-Creole, and Spanish. 

For more information on the center or to receive services: 800-461-9350 or 718-940-2200

Our New Location: 3807 Church Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11203

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