Core Areas

Offering wide range of workshops and presentations on national and international
trauma counseling. This initiative includes the The Trauma Project, a trauma intervention training course for professionals working in developing countries.

Committed to increasing knowledge that has real impact for underrepresented groups and developing countries; focusing on mental health priorities around the world. 
Using spiritual and therapeutic services to provide individual and group counseling
around traumatic events. 

Providing free, fun, and interactive community social events that encourage therapeutic development and mentorship.

It is our objective to increase access to culturally responsive trauma counseling services to underserved minority populations.


GTR is a 501c3 organization with the mission to help support people around the world affected by psychological trauma. GTR hopes to help people create a secure and maintainable lifestyle by means of education, counseling, support, and integration of spirituality in health practices.

GTR believes in developing and implementing comprehensive services, and therefore researches innovative techniques.

Who We Are